Microorganisms are those organisms which cannot be seen with naked eyes. There are lots of microbes, being around as which is easily contaminated in water, air atmosphere, foods etc. due to mishandling or maintaining an unhygienic environment.

Most common microbes such as coliform bacteria, E.coli, Enterococcus etc. which is easily contaminated through faecal discharge in the surface water through warm blooded animals and if consumed by humans, the result will be a negative impact on health condition.

For preventing such type of problems, ELES conducts variety of Microbiological Testing for the detection of microbes in term of Qualitative as well as Quantitative based for Drinking Water, Surface Water, Ground Water, & Waste Water. For Drinking Water microbial testing is mandatory as per IS10500/IS14543, such as Coliform, E.coli, SPC etc. because Drinking/Portable Water is directly consumed by the human beings and the minimum numbers of bacteria is enough to alter the Quality of the water.


To detect the Microbial contamination and improve the Quality of the Water, ELESPL have a well-established Microbiological Laboratory with highly precise Equipment to get the highest Accuracy in the Results.

Microbiological Analysis

  • Total Coliform
  • E. Coli
  • Enterococcus
  • Faecal Streptococci
  • Yeast & Moulds Count
  • Total Plate Count (TPC)
  • Swab Test

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