Sampling & Monitoring Services

Human activity, such as Transportation, Industrialisation and Urbanisation, can pollute our Environment mainly Air, Soil and Water, damaging the Environment and making them harmful to all living organisms on Earth. Environmental Monitoring & Sampling is essential to assess the continual impact on the present condition of these resources which will further help to prepare plans to protect the Environment and Human Health.


Our experts can help you to design and implement best Sampling Plans to meet your specific requirements. Plans may consider:

  • What, Where and When to Sample
  • How to collect Representative Samples
  • Duration of Sampling
  • Frequency of Sampling
  • Number and Quantity of Samples required
  • Applicable Guidelines
  • Laboratory accreditation and specific laboratory requirements
  • Available Budget
  • Equipment and Personnel availability

All samples are collected, stored, handled and Analysed to Internationally recognized and locally accepted Sampling Methodologies.

We regularly perform:

  • Ambient Air Sampling - Project specific and continuous monitoring
  • Source Emission Sampling & Testing - Isokinetic determination of Particulate Concentrations and continuous Gaseous measurement
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Soil and Sediment Sampling
  • Drinking Water, Surface Water, Waste Water, Sea Water and Ground Water sampling
  • Noise Monitoring

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