Noise Monitoring

Noise is typically defined as unwanted Sound. Sound which pleases the listeners is music and that which causes pain and annoyance is Noise. So, what is music for some can be noise for others.

Most of the machines that have been developed for industrial purposes, for high-speed transportation, or to make life more enjoyable by furnishing additional comfort & reducing the hard work of everyday living and speeding up our daily routines to provide additional leisure hours are accompanied by Noise.

Various sources of noise are: Industries, Roads, Rails and Air-traffics, Constructions and Public Works, Indoor Sources (air conditioners, air coolers, fans, radio, television and other home and office appliances) etc. In our country, indiscriminate use of loudspeakers, generator sets and firecrackers has given a new dimension to the Noise Pollution problem.


Physically, Sound is a mechanical disturbance propagated as Wave motions in Air and other elastic or mechanical media such as water or steel. Physiologically sound is an Auditory Sensation evoked by this physical phenomenon.

Noise can disturb our work, rest, sleep and communication. It can damage our hearing and evoke other physiological, psychological and possibly pathological reactions. However, because of complexity, variability and the interaction of noise with other environmental factors the adverse health effects of noise do not lend themselves to a straight forward analysis.

Noise prevention and control is important as Noise affects us in Hearing, ability to communicate and behaviour. Undoubtedly, lesser noise can make the environment friendlier and life becomes pleasant.

Work Zone Noise Monitoring helps protect employees’ Hearing and Health.

Noise-induced Hearing Loss is recognized as a priority work-related disease for employees. Workers’ hearing must be protected, coming under local and international regulations.

ELESPL Services on Noise Monitoring

It is necessary to monitor the actual Noise Levels in the Workplace for a periodic interval for workman safety.

ELESPL is fully equipped with the latest Automated Noise Meter and offers Noise level monitoring & measurement at 24 hourly basis (Day & Night) and Spot Noise (instrument noise) as per CPCB Guideline.

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