Manpower Outsourcing & Technical Support Services

Manpower is consider as a prime asset for the Organisation as they are the key source who control all the functions and maintenance of all the Instruments, equipment as per requirement to enhance the performance and productivity considering the Quality of the product with their Technical Knowledge and Intelligence. In this modern era, where most sophisticated and automated Instruments are used in factories, manpower requirement is going to be less in quantity but the few manpower required it must be high in quality in terms of knowledge. So, the entire technical person should be aware about his job and must have precise knowledge in his field otherwise total function will be collapse which causes production loss in terms of money.

ELESPL is promised to provide Manpower services and Technical support in Environmental field. ELESPL will provide highly knowledgeable Technical person at client premises to support and maintain the Environmental conditions with proper quality as per requirement of all Authorized Body (SPCB & MoEF) . ELESPL will help to set up an Environmental Laboratory at client premises and as well as run the laboratory as per specifications of the Authorized Body (SPCB & MoEF) & the Client.

Also, ELESPL will provide Manpower and Technical support to build up and continuous Maintenance & Operation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at client premises.

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